Violence Prevention Network Academy

The Violence Prevention Network Academy

The Violence Prevention Network Academy is a learning and training platform powered by Violence Prevention Network, Germany’s leading NGO with over 20 years of experience in preventing and countering violent extremism. We offer e-learning opportunities, digital training, and face-to-face workshops to practitioners and professionals all around the world as well as coaching/counselling and social diagnostics. Our mission is to empower professionals throughout society to end extremism.

Sectors we work with

  • Prison & probation officers
  • Security professionals
  • School & educational workers
  • Social workers & youth safeguarding
  • Healthcare
  • Companies & businesses

Your needs

  • Preventing conflict, dealing with violence in the workplace, and safeguarding your employees
  • Responding to crises and preventing reputational harm
  • Understanding current trends in violent extremism, radicalisation, and how it affects you
  • Becoming a trained intervention provider
  • Professionalising and individualising support
  • Implementing Violence Prevention Network’s Social Diagnostics Model

Our formats

  • E-Learning
  • Digital training
  • Face-to-face workshops
  • Counselling and coaching

Test our free E-Learning!

Take our free 15 minute e-learning module to understand more about radicalisation, how to prevent it, and how the Violence Prevention Network Academy can help you and your employees.